Complete information on how to do proper seo… Step-by-step tutorial

In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about how you can do proper search engine optimization within few steps. Although I’m not a very big expert on SEO and never claimed to be such but I know the complete nitty-gritty of search engine optimization and the basic steps that you need to follow in order to achieve good rankings.

So let’s start with the first thing that is known as keyword research

Keyword research is the art of finding good quality keywords. You have to find those keywords that are producing good results and have low competition fighting for them. You need to have several tools to help you out in finding such keywords. I use Traffic Travis to do that. You could also use tools like Longtail Pro, but I prefer traffic Travis because, with the discount, it comes as cheap as $ 37.

Open Traffic Travis and add your Adwords account so that it can find keywords and their searches per month. After doing that, find some keywords using seed keywords. Check out the top 10 competitors for that and if that keyword is easy or relatively easy, you can surely go after that.

Make a list of such good quality low competition keywords and save them in a notepad file.

Next comes the art of blog post making. Register a domain that is related to your niche, you can buy an old one too to have better results. Exact match domains do not work as good as they were sometimes ago, but you can use them too to get good results.

Install WordPress using automatic installers likes softaculous and adjust the settings. Add in themes and plug-ins that are essential to your WordPress. Write a need SEO optimized blog post containing 500 or more words. Add images and videos to juice it up. You can also bold and underline things to make your article juicier for the search engines. Do as many variations as you can.

Now comes the best part of building back links, which is the most important thing in ranking your website.

Note: Make sure you have shared your blog post on all major social platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Doing social shares will make your blog post rank at least in the top 100 of the search results that you are aiming at. If that is not correct, rewrite the blog post and check the keyword density because it may be high and causing the problem.

Start creating few links by posting on websites that are ranking on top hundred results of Google for your keyword term. Make at least 1 to 2 backlinks daily and you will start climbing. Make other quality Backlinks and you can also buy services that provide the facility of creating the diverse quality of Backlinks over a long period. You can also search for Backlink packages on forums like blackhatworld and WarriorForum.

It will make you rank within 15 to 20 days within the top 20 of the search results and even to the top 10 if your keyword is very easy. If you are not ranked however, start creating more links and think about creating high-quality authority backlinks. Getting authority backlinks will be a much tougher job but they will be equal to as many as hundred low-quality links. You will get ranked with authority links in your pocket.

So that was it, this was my little information about how to rank your website in easy to relatively easy keywords using simple methods. Did you like it? Or do you have some questions? Please write below so that I can answer them one by one.